My Ass: Media companies want to be ranked first

They’re big companies. They should go first in a Google search, say the media conglomerates (who recently gave us such great financial advice and before that, showed such independent thought when it came to WMDs).

In Google were to order MSNBC to the top of any Google news search, it sounds like it might be good; the Internet, after all, is chock-full of noise. It’s a like the loudest street corner in the loudest place one could imagine; it’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve–it’s worse than that. But the noise is what makes the Internet great–dissenting voices. A controlled search would bring to us the mediocrity of television. It would be like a Florida development reverting back to the swamp.

Says BNET Media in a blog post:

“The idea of Google rankings being determined, in part, by the credibility of the source sounds promising on the surface, but think about it a little, and it raises all kinds of questions about what constitutes worthy content. To make a system like this work, you’d have to come up with some Good Housekeeping-style Seal of Approval method for separating content’s wheat from content’s chaff, and even then, it would probably be utterly flawed.”

What a bad, bad idea.

If the Internet were to become controlled and boring, where would I find by accident, something like this?

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    I hope it really was an accident how I came across that link and that I didn't pull a George Harrison ("My Sweet Lord").

  2. Topics in my Repertoire: says:

    I don’t think I want to know how you found that clip by accident, by it did just make my day. Thanks. c

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