New fiction on Guernica

Waiting by E.C. Osondu
Nigerian writer and Caine Prize Finalist Osondu examines life in a refugee camp: “My friends in the camp are known by the inscriptions written on their t-shirts. Acapulco wears a t-shirt with the inscription, Acapulco. Sexy’s t-shirt has the inscription Tell Me I’m Sexy. Paris’s t-shirt says See Paris And Die.

Postcards from the Museum of Olivia by Eric Kraft

Kraft, acclaimed author of the novels Little Follies, Where Do You Stop?, What a Piece of Work I Am, Herb ‘n’ Lorna, Reservations Recommended, At Home With the Glynns, and Flying (to be published in 2009 by Picador), contributes the story of the town of Olivia, which requires an admission fee, because “the Town of Olivia is the Museum of Olivia.”

The Woman on the Tape by Anya Yurchyshyn
Yurchyshyn writes of Junie, a twentysomething “orphan” who tries gain a sense of normality after the death of her parents.

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