I’d always wondered who wrote those penis enlargement ads

I LOVE being a freelancer. I was sent the following email, below. Don’t think I’ll apply….

Hello, To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for your interest in our Craigslist ad seeking writers. The content is adult in nature, so if that is not something you are comfortable with we wish you the best of luck and you will not be troubled further. The article attached is one we currently have in XXX magazine from one of our Health experts, to give you an example. It does not matter if you are male or female, or if you know about the subject matter or not.

As mentioned in the ad, the pay for this gig works out roughly to be about 4k a month for our current writers. Because so many applicants have been copying and pasting articles off the internet as their ‘samples,’ we decided it would be easier to just have those interested rewrite a current article. Magazines bid for our articles, which gives our writers excellent opportunities for great pay.

Because its a rewrite and not an original piece of work, it is stressed to keep the same content as the article, and just re-word it in a concise, spelling error free, tight fashion. It is recommended that you just go paragraph by paragraph re-wording it, as it should only take about 10 minutes max.

Upon receiving your rewrite, our editor will go over it and analyze how well you kept the same facts/content, and how eloquent it is laid out. From there, if we are interested, you will be contacted further.

Thank you and I hope the next 10 minutes of work on your part gets us a new writer!
Client Processing

Article To Be Rewritten Pasted Below:

Do penis enlargement pills work? Ah, the million dollar question. Unfortunately experimentation with patience and trial and error are the only ways to truly know. After all, like millions of males in both hemispheres I was looking to improve my sexual life with a larger libido. The reasons why men even care or want to improve in that area almost always start and end with the same point: Women. It’s not just a case of wanting to impress women, not at all in fact. With the new sexual revolution came honesty, and with that honesty came the stark facts from women polled which said 71% of the female gender wanted their significant other to have a larger penis.

And so the search to find out if penis enlargement pills worked began. There were several nooks and crannies to investigate in, but the first pitfall came in trying, no, hoping that a quick fix solution would prove my theories one way or another. With the supplements that supposedly guaranteed overnight success, I thought I had answered the question as to whether you could increase your libido size with a big fat no. Luckily for me, and countless other men I did not give up there and came to what is the now recognized standard in penis enlargement known as [XXX]. I wanted to study everything up and down, and formed a truthful opinion looking over document after document of positive testimonials and reviews.

These reviews pointed to [XXX] having an extremely fast turnaround success rate, roughly two weeks to be exact, and it was for this reason I was initially very skeptical in the beginning. It seemed no different than any of the other quick fix methods I had read reviews on, except maybe a more snazzy webpage and testimonials. To my surprise not only did they claim to have such a high success rate with almost every male who tried their supplement, they also offered a 4 month guarantee on the pills. Yes, 4 months. I was similarly shocked but needless to say pleasantly surprised as were so many other men who commented on Men’s Health forums.

So, do penis enlargement pills work? Well yes according to the documents out there on penis pills that use natural ingredients. Of course I wish it were more black and white, but penis enlargement pills that use natural herbs in their development tend to be the most beneficial across the board when reviewing the similarities in successes. Quite honestly all the artificial ingredients that so many other brands claim to be the secret ingredient end up stifling the growth of penis size; the exact opposite of the desired effect. I was not shocked whatsoever to see so many other men have the same issue with fake ingredients on talkbacks and forums all over the world wide web.

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  1. Meakin Armstrong says:

    Clearly, Kevin and Sofia write such ads.

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