Belated Posting: Publishers Weekly on Guernica

I’m been beaten-down and swamped by life’s bric-a-brac, which has made me unable to post. Or that’s what I tell myself.

But I really have to put this one up:

Rachel Deahl at Publishers Weekly conducted an interview with the editors of Guernica.

Here’s the first paragraph:

Guernica: Lit Mag Beats the Odds
Former M.F.A. students Joel Whitney and Michael Archer had no grand plan, much less a business plan, when they started the online-only lit mag Guernica. Compelled by a shared passion for international literature and serious journalism, the duo, who met during a teaching program in Puerto Rico, decided to try their hand at publishing a magazine and launched their vision online. Roughly four years later, Guernica has bucked the trend among literary magazines, not only surviving but growing. Next spring it will appear in print for the first time and, according to Whitney and Archer, that’s just the beginning.


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