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InDigest / (Le) Poisson Rouge: Febuary 4th Reading

I’ll be reading with Erica Wright at (Le) Poisson Rouge, the great new venue located inside the old Village Vanguard. It’s for the magazine, InDigest. More info HERE and HERE


(Le) Poisson Rouge

New York, NY
6pm doors | 7pm reading
(Le) Poisson Rouge is located at 158 Bleecker St. in the Village.

From the InDigest site:

InDigest 1207 Reading Series will be presented the first Wednesday of every month at (Le) Poisson Rouge at 158 Bleecker St. in New York. All InDigest 1207 events are completely free, and all events at (Le) Poisson Rouge will take place in LPR’s front bar and gallery. For updates on future readings sign up for our e-mail list be e-mailing indigest.newsletter@gmail.com. For more information on supporting InDigest 1207 or reading at an InDigest 1207 event please e-mail indigestmag@gmail.com.

InDigest 1207 was started to further the mission of InDigest: to create a dialogue about the arts, through the arts. By having authors speak to or read from another author who has influenced them–positively or negatively–we hope to show that the process of writing (and reading) is not done in a vacuum, but is an interactive process.

Previous Readers: Ada Limon, Peter Bognanni, Sam Osterhout, Jess Grover, Meggie Elder, Lech Harris.

InDigest fiction

The fine folks at Indigestmag.com have put up a short story of mine, The Missing Years. It’s from a novel I’ve been working on. The story is an early draft.

It’s so good to read something from the novel. At least it’s good for me, because lately I’ve been writing stories inspired by 1990s power ballads. The stories vary wildly from the novel (for one thing, the “power ballad” stories are meant to be funny).

Maybe I should stick with the novel? The novel is set in the South. The power ballad stories are, too, but. . . I digress.

InDigest is such a nice magazine. Take a look.