Francisco Goldman in Guernica

Years ago, I saw Francisco Goldman at the New York Public Library, in conversation with Junot Diaz. Goldman’s warmth and humor was everywhere that night, along with his intelligence and humor. When I asked him to be our guest fiction editor, I received that same generous response.

And then his wife Aura Estrada died. He decided to dedicate his efforts to her. Read his essay to find out more.

Picture is of Francisco and his late wife, Aura. Francisco took the picture himself.

Stories include:

A Person of Interest (a novel excerpt) By Susan Choi

Everything as it always was, day after day, until the thunderous boom.

Two Films (a novel excerpt) By Ernesto Mestre-Reed

As the projector unexplainably kept on rolling even after the house lights went up and the medics made their way to the front, some, apparently to the filmmaker’s credit as an artist and perhaps his detriment as a person, continued to watch and even laugh at the hazy antics on the screen.

Ball Game (a novel excerpt) By Gabriela Jauregui

He should have been thankful that Xavi died when their friendship was still intact, still unconditionally generous, as strong as their youthful athletes’ muscles, as stubbornly perfect.

You’re My Only Home (a novel excerpt) By Jay Caspian Kang

The mirror needs to be hung up at a height of 18 feet. The four-foot stepladder we borrowed from the Weisses comes up nine feet short, and climbing the low-hanging branches has not been as easy as I first imagined. The bark leaves a slippery residue on my palms and the needles tear away as easily as leper hair.

Atmospheric Disturbances (a novel excerpt) By Rivka Galchen

Those phrases, something has changed, just need to get away, personal vacation, were not really my words but TV words, movie words, pollen in the air.

456 Victoria (a novel excerpt) By Bex Brian

“I can’t study here.” Karenne’s hand waved loosely over the room. Augati saw the whole shabby truth of her life. The coffee table: a door, the handle still on poking up through the magazines that concealed the rest, rows upon rows of old magazines, many with missing covers, many marked and marred by grease, spilled coffee, forgotten bubble gum. Even the pillow she had picked up when she joined Karenne was bald, and it stank.


My friend Courtney pointed this site out on her blog. People mail in their private obsessions, on a postcard. The cards (usually artfully decorated and so on) are then scanned and posted to the site. “I’m obsessed with this Playboy Playmate from 30 years ago;” “I [heart] the smell of my pee after I drink I drink coffee,” and so on… It’s similar to something done a few years ago on 42nd Street store window, now made accessible to the world. I have so many cards I need to mail in…

First, have to buy stamps…

Oh and postcards…

So much to do…

Belated Posting: Publishers Weekly on Guernica

I’m been beaten-down and swamped by life’s bric-a-brac, which has made me unable to post. Or that’s what I tell myself.

But I really have to put this one up:

Rachel Deahl at Publishers Weekly conducted an interview with the editors of Guernica.

Here’s the first paragraph:

Guernica: Lit Mag Beats the Odds
Former M.F.A. students Joel Whitney and Michael Archer had no grand plan, much less a business plan, when they started the online-only lit mag Guernica. Compelled by a shared passion for international literature and serious journalism, the duo, who met during a teaching program in Puerto Rico, decided to try their hand at publishing a magazine and launched their vision online. Roughly four years later, Guernica has bucked the trend among literary magazines, not only surviving but growing. Next spring it will appear in print for the first time and, according to Whitney and Archer, that’s just the beginning.


Reading from “New York Calling”

Tom Robbins, Marshall Berman, Margaret Morton, and Brian Berger

Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen St., New York, NY 10002
nr. Stanton St. See Map
212-777-6028 Send to Phone

Nearby Subway Stops

F, V at Lower East Side-Second Ave.

10/19/07 6:30pm

The authors read from their contributions to the essay collection New York Calling: From Blackout to Bloomberg.


Friends manage to post on their blogs nearly everyday. They have interesting things to say. When they don’t, they write about domestic matters, such as their dirty apartments or their need to buy deodorant, or even about their fights with their girlfriends and boyfriends. But I can’t seem to do that.

I keep thinking, who cares? The fact that I upgraded to the Gillette Fusion “Phantom” blade–is that interesting enough? I suspect only to me. but buy the blade. It’s a Ginsu for the face. (Is that a dated reference? Ah, self-censorship).

I will try to update this more often. My promise to myself.

New York Calling: A Reading at Barnes & Noble

There will be a reading from the book I contributed to, New York Calling: From Blackout to Bloomberg, at Barnes & Noble tomorrow. In the book, writers reflect on how the city has changed (I say for the worse) in the past few decades. Reading will be contributors Luc Sante and Robert Sietsema. Book editors Brian Berger and Marshall Berman will also read.

Venue: Barnes & Noble
Times: Tomorrow 7pm.
Address: 675 Sixth Ave between 21st and 22nd Sts Chelsea Map it!
Phone: 212-727-1227

Travel: Subway: F, V to 23rd St Plan Route

New Information on the Guernica Magazine Benefit/Hudson Cruise

In addition to the literary talent that will be aboard the Star of Palm Beach this Thursday (see earlier entry, just below), Leah Siegel will perform and the Vintage DJ will spin.

The cruise around the Hudson is in celebration of Guernica‘s 3rd Anniversary and its spring print debut.

Buy Tickets Now!

Guernica Benefit & Evening Cruise on the Hudson

Guernica will be having a benefit aboard the Star of Palm Beach on Thursday, September 27, 2007 (reception at 7pm). There will be an evening cruise around the Hudson to celebrate Guernica’s third anniversary–and to announce the magazine’s print debut, available Spring 2008. The evening includes Pulitzer Prize-winner Oscar Hijuelos in a short conversation with renowned novelist Frederic Tuten as well as best-selling author Melissa Bank, and special musical guest. The evening will be emceed by comedian Laura Krafft, two-time Emmy nominee & staff writer of The Colbert Report.

Click HERE to purchase tickets at a discounted price before September 12th.

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