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2019 work subject to NDAs has appeared in the following publications:

What the NDA executions were about:

Topics are varied, but many fall under the rubric of digital transformation. Along with a design team, I produce work on smart cities, the blockchain, fintech, and AI using all digital platforms.

I also write about the underpinnings of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including emerging technologies such as ADAS, cluster API, RPA. cloud, Kubernetes, cluster API, Velero, ADAS, LIDAR, AI and ML, Internet security issues, and password protection.

My work is both B2B and D2C. I work in all digital formats. My experience includes rich media text, thought leadership articles, eBooks, interactive infographics, parallax, pop-culture interviews, chapters, and essays.

Other recent work:

An ebook for IBM
An ebook and interactive calculator for IBM
Parallax page I conceived and executed placing Cartier as an innovator. Winner, Best of BrandTale.
Infographic for Oracle
Infographic for Siemens

Essay for Literary Hub on interviewing Donald Trump
I wrote a chapter for this book on novels and stories and how they feature New York City
A daily blog on Davos for the Atlantic
My interview with film director and personality, John Waters
Interview with Etgar Keret
Essay on growing up in Charleston, SC and attending a school next to Emanuel A.M.E. where the shooting happened.
An appreciation of film director, Samuel Fuller
Supplement in The New Yorker on publishing bestsellers. Was a widely noted piece.
ebook and booklet for teachers on American history for AIG Insurance Group.
A travel guide (via movies) to the American South.

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