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During my eight years at The New Yorker, I worked with blue-chip agencies and corporations to pinpoint (and exceed) their goals.

I’m a former managing editor at Forbes, and New York Times Custom Publishing. I’ve worked with top media outlets such as The Atlantic, Condé Nast Traveler,  The Economist, The New Yorker, and:
· Altria
· BlackBerry
· Delta
· Nissan
· Xerox
· And the tourism offices of: Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Curaçao, Ireland, Greater Miami, Mexico, Spain, the U.K.,  and the U.S. Virgin Islands—among many others.

As a ghostwriter, I can write your:
· SEO Blog and Website                                           · RFPs and Sell sheets
· Magazine and newspaper articles                        · Letters of recommendation

If you would like a rate quote, contact me outlining the nature of your project and what your deadline is. We’ll work within your budget.

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All pieces below are also available as compressed files.


A small sample of clients listed below (first by category then client goals). Additional clips (not bound by confidentiality agreements) are also available.

(Web Work)

Daily Political Blog: Americans Elect
Goal: client wanted a daily blog with a regular call to action. seven to nine blog entries a week for seven months (LINK to main page, now on the Internet Wayback Machine—blog no longer active).
Americans Elect—a sample blog entry (Link to Internet Wayback Machine)

Corporate News Blog: ZumBox
Goal: Current client wants an occasional blog that explains the benefits of having a “digital mailbox.”
ZumBox (LINK to the ZumBox blog)

Interactive Website: Delta Air Lines
Goal: client wanted to provide readers with an interactive site linked to Google Maps. I provided research, map information, and short, insider information on 125 destinations.
Delta Air Lines

SEO Writing: Christopher Ross Collection
Goal: client was looking to increase business and name recognition for their site.
Christopher Ross Collection (LINK)

Copy Writing for Website: Knob Creek Bourbon
Goal: client wanted to change their site to match its new campaign, “Worth the Effort.”
Knob Creek Bourbon (LINK)

Webvertorials: BlackBerry
Client: BlackBerry (PDF)


I’ve written a variety of booklets. Some have been bound-in to print magazines while others have been given to customers upon request.

Educational Booklet for Schools: AIG
Goal: client wanted a useful booklet for school teachers that could be provided for free to history classes across the country. I wrote this booklet on the Founding Fathers.
Client: AIG (PDF)

(NB: More booklets are available, but they are too large for this site)


Goal: client wanted a listing of events for potential tourists to London.
Client: London Tourism Office (PDF)


Goal: client wanted to highlight its contributions to the field of education.
Client: Altria (PDF)

Goal: client wanted to highlight its contributions to the arts.
Client: CIT (PDF)

Goal: client wanted to highlight its contributions to sustainability and the environment.
Client: BP (PDF)


Goal: client wanted to highlight its relaxed vibe, its use of masted ships.
Client: Wind Star Cruises (PDF)


Goal: Las Vegas hotelier wanted to appeal to a non-gambling, upscale audience.

Client: MGM Signature Grand (PDF)

Client: MGM Signature Grand #2 (PDF)


Goal: client wanted an advertorial on the Crusades to read like a magazine article, with interviews and information.
Client: History Channel (PDF)

Goal: client
wanted a short advertorial on the history of Thanksgiving.
Client: History Channel #2 (PDF)

Goal: client wanted a brief print backgrounder advertorial for a Ken Burns documentary based on the life of naturalist John Muir
Client: PBS (PDF)


Goal: clients wanted to reflect their destinations in a compelling light for upscale audiences. I’ve written countless editorial and advertorial travel pieces. I’ve edited even hundreds more.

Client: Visit Arizona and Greater Phoenix (PDF)

Client: Visit Arizona and Scottsdale (PDF)

Client: Visit Ireland (PDF)

Client: Visit Mexico and Riviera Nayarit (PDF)

Client: Visit Mexico #2 (PDF)

Client: Visit Greater Miami (PDF)

Client: Visit U.S. Virgin Islands (PDF)


If you’re interested in working with me as a freelance writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, or content editor, contact me at my Hire Me page to discuss your project and my rates. I’m available for jobs large and small. We will always agree on a set price, before the work begins. If you have a specific budget limit, let me know in advance and we’ll figure out how we can work together. I accept payment by check, bank transfer, or PayPal.

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