Writing on Deadline, Using Google Maps

Under deadline, there just isn’t time to be uninspired. I’m writing a dynamic, online piece that’s about some 25 restaurants in six different cities. Aimed at the business traveler, it uses Flash and it’s all linked to Google Maps. When this thing is done, it should be amazing.

Now, back to Nexis, ProQuest, and Factiva (and my notes from my own travels).

By the way, Google Maps has a sharp picture of my backyard. I don’t have access to that yard (I only have the view). But from the satellite photo, I can see more of the yard than I can from my own window.

And I can also see my rooftop. I don’t have access to my New York City building’s roof. But I now know what it looks like. I now know that my neighbors have a garden on the top of theirs.

Thank you, satellite from outer space for telling me what’s next door.

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