I’m obsessed with this photo


I can see my apartment in it. Or rather, my apartment building. My own windows face the back. It’s like a Google map but from 1913. Much of the buildings are still the same. It was taken from atop the Con Ed building.

The elevated train at the bottom was torn down in the 1950s and is yet to be replaced by the Second Avenue Subway. You can ride the subway HERE or click below.

The big white roof is the Jefferson Theater. According to Cinema Treasures, it had just opened that year. It was torn down a few years ago. I have pictures somewhere of its being ripped down.

Great shot of the theater in 1986 HERE.

Also below is a street view of 14th Street in the 1980s, with the Jefferson intact, albeit barely. I didn’t take this pic. Not sure who did. Sorry for the theft, whoever.

George Burns said it was the toughest house in vaudeville. Harpo Marx said he came up with his silent-act there.

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