Bob Marley, a little old lady, and the war

I was in a café yesterday, having a caffeine infusion and cruising the Internet on my Mac, when I heard these two people behind me talking.

One was a guy in his late 20s. The other was a woman in her 70s. The were sitting at separate tables and were obviously strangers. I heard them blathering innocuous blah blah that old people talk about with younger people, when after about ten minutes, I heard the woman explain to the younger guy who Bob Marley was. She knew EVERYTHING about Bob Marley, and had seen him live, this old woman in a floppy hate and Velcro shoes.

The guy listened, obviously thinking the old woman was crazy. Who’s this guy, Bob Marley, he was obviously thinking. Some old dinosaur. I went back to the Internet.

Then I heard them arguing about Iraq. The kid was into the war in that wimpy way that Democrats support the war are. It’s necessary. And we needed to show the world that we’re strong. And all sorts of other horse shit.

The woman, this old bag, was forthright against the war. She was against Hillary Clinton for supporting it, too. The old woman was in love with Obama. Made me feel so good about things. That nimrod kid deserved a smack in the head, though.

On another note: Robert Mugabe hates Bob Marley, too.

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